Why can’t I comment?

So why don’t I let you comment?   Good question!   Well, it isn’t really.   Within a week of simply setting up this blog I was getting spam comments in various languages and an abusive comment about the content.   Seriously, I hadn’t even told ANYONE of its existence!

So comments are off.   I’m sure there are some people out there I could have a good debate with but as ever the idiot minority (or is that a majority on the internet?) have ruined it for everyone.

I’ve moderated a few forums over the years and its amazing the number of people who claim freedom of speech the moment you edit or delete one of their posts.   And I’m sure some will take insult to me turning off comments as it is somehow an affront to their freedom of speech.

Well, sorry, its not.   Its my site, paid for and looked after by me and I’m under no obligation to give anyone but me a soapbox.   The first amendment of the US constitution states ‘Congress shall make no law..’.   Article 10 of the European convention on Human rights states ‘..without interference by public authority..’.   I am neither Congress nor a public authority.   I’m just a private individual.