‘100W’ GLS LED Update

Got my shiny new megaman brand 16.5W LED bulb and my word it is a monster!   I’d love to take it apart and see what they’ve put in it as you can just about see the LEDs through the frosted glass and they are numerous.

So does it live up to the 100W equivalent rating?   Sure does!   Even the colour and light spread is nice.   But it comes at a price.   CFLs are notoriously slow to start and even ye olde tungsten bulbs had a finite warmup to full brightness.   LEDs however just turn ON.   Do not do as I did and stare at it when you flick the light switch.   Its like a flash gun turning on.

Can I recommend it?   Well the £20+ price tag is steep.   Can’t argue with that.   But the real test that will make or break the deal is how long it lasts.   In theory I probably won’t need to change that bulb ever again.   But lets check back in 2 years just to be safe.

Update 2: The bulb has been on for an hour and you can still hold it.   Its hot but not ‘ouch’ hot.

Colour is better than the kosnic 8W LED I have in my office.   2700k for the megaman vs 3000k for the kosnic.