Finally a ‘100W’ LED GLS bulb?

If you’ve read some of my other posts you will know of my dislike for CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).   I never bothered to replace the one that died earlier this year as the days were long and I didn’t fancy buying another cheap and nasty bulb.

So now the nights are getting longer I had another look and found the Megaman 16.5W Non-Dimmable Opal Classic LED GLS. (you can get it from lots of places, I just use ledbulbs)   Its supposedly 100W GLS equivalent and warm white.   Don’t care about the non-dimmable as I don’t have dimmers, but I’m sure a dimmable version will come.

So one is on order!   OK its nearly 8x the cost of a 22W CFL but 1) I hate CFLs, 2) after an annoyingly short amount of time they start taking a lot longer to warm up and 3) I still hate them.

I shall report back once it arrives!

On a similar note the 2 11W CFLs in the hallway are starting to look brown and crispy and are taking an age to warm up.   So I also ordered some 8W GLS LEDs like the one in my office.   This will bring the CFL total in my house to zero and the LED bulb count to something like 20.