Is saving a few quid worth this?

I’ve often wondered about the safety of small mains to low voltage switch mode PSUs.  Just how much is between you and 240VAC?   You knew with a bulky transformer that there was actual air between you and the mains.   And what wasn’t air was earthed for extra safety!

This is not the first such safety issue by a long shot.   I saw an episode of Fake Britain on the beeb sometime last year where they showed an iPhone charger clone that blew clean off the wall smacking a girl in the head so hard it briefly knocked her out.   It also showed copy Dyson bladeless heaters made using non flame retardant plastic.   Not a good combo!

We live in a truly global marketplace and there is no way you could ever regulate every bit of electronics that people use.   And even CE gets it wrong sometimes, such as classing socket protectors as toys.

But when faced with £15 for a real apple charger or 99p for something that looks identical and most of the time does the same job…