Thanks BT!

By US standards I don’t live in the boonies but by UK standards I might as well be living in the middle of nowhere!

I’ve been in my current house for just over 8 years now and have spent most of that time in a broadband not-spot.

The local exchange is small and has not been un-bundled.   It is also classed by OFCOM as Market 1 which means due to no competition at all I get stitched on price too.   We got ADSL2+ about a year ago so the jump from 8Mbps to 19Mbps was quite nice.   But today I discovered we FINALLY have FTTC available.   Unfortunately the cabinet is 3/4 of a mile away and based on my ADSL line loss figure I might get a whopping 22Mbps!   And I’d have to pay £10 more a month for FTTC.

I actually live 0.3 of a mile from the other cabinet in the village BUT my wires go the wrong way.   I could get 50+Mbps from that cabinet!   I’d be happy to pay for that.

What is worse is that BT have been paid by the local council to upgrade us to ‘superfast’ broadband.   So not only would I have to pay my ISP more money, I’ve already paid via my tax for this utterly half arsed box ticking job done by the ONLY broadband provider I can access.   There is no box for ‘actually improves speed’.