Just because you can… doesn’t mean you should

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of those things that could be a good idea but so far it has been been a total disaster!

First of all we have the major stumbling block of security.   The rush to make ‘connected devices’ left far too much open and ended up with the Mirai botnet causing havoc.   Using the same password for every device and allowing root access is just bonkers!   And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

And then we have the utterly pointless devices that should never be internet connected EVER!

How about a £200 WiFi kettle that can be controlled from an app?

Or a £100 Bluetooth toaster?   It isn’t even a 4 slice!   Seriously?!   How can anyone live with a 2 slice toaster?

What about a $400 internet connected machine to squeeze packets of mush to make ‘fresh’ ‘cold pressed juice’.   This has to be the ultimate lifestyle accessory for people who are dumber than a box of rocks.   It was originally $700 which is just insane!   And to top it off you have to subscribe to their weekly boxes of pre-mushed packs at $30-40 per week.   So you’re talking about nearly $2000 a year for their special packs.   And no, you can’t use this machine to squeeze your own fruits and veggies.   You have to buy the pre-processed, non-recyclable foil and plastic wrapped packs.   The most expensive is $8 and makes 3oz of juice.

So what is so wrong with this?

  • No internet connection = no worky!   Each pack has a QR code which the machine scans and checks with the supplier to see if its in date or if there has been a recall.
  • Each box of juice packs has to be sent in an insulated box with a freezer pack to stop them going off in the post.   More packaging and extra weight to ship.
  • The fruit and veggies have already been mostly mushed up and as such exposed to air rather than being left in their natural casings.   Vitamin C oxidises so the concentration will be less than true freshly squeezed juice.   The packs even have breathers on them!   And the fact its mushed up increases the surface area exposed to air,

I’ll admit that the mechanics of the machine are pretty cool.   Apart from the incorrect use of a taper roller bearing and the fact none of the gears are hardened…   Its easy to see where a good chunk of their $120 million in funding went.

But you can squeeze the packs by hand and get the same result!

Because they are filled with pre-processed mush!

Of course they claim the usual buzzwords of ‘sustainable’ and ‘carbon neutral’.   But they use non-recyclable ice packs and PET plastic in the insulation to ship the boxes of packs to you.   Plus the carbon cost of the actual shipping, the electricity used by having the machine on 24/7 (it might be small but it adds up!).

This is just one product in a long list of lifestyle gadgets that are supposed to make your life easier without destroying the earth.   But they do cost the earth!   And the obsession with coffee pods and single serving cups and single use cups is making a VERY large pile of waste.

I remember the days when you went to a restaurant and got a proper cup of coffee for $0.25.   Or had your own filter machine at home and the waste produced was entirely organic.   Is your life really too hectic that you need to start the kettle from the other room?   Or using a filter coffee is just too hard?

Would Coop have the same reaction if he’d been given a paper cup with a plastic lid instead of a classic cup of joe?

Take a hint from Agent Cooper.   Slow down!

Right, off to watch Twin Peaks season 3!