3D Printer Update 2

More little tweaks, a bit print and something properly broken!

Laser cutting acrylic is not very accurate!   The holes for the 8mm slide rods are more like 8.2mm diameter so the rods supporting the Z and Y axis can slop around.

Easy fix, 2 turns of some blue polyester tape I had lying around:


No more wobbles!   And a quick trim with a sharp knife makes it look much neater.

Next job is to start on the new X axis supports.   There are many many designs on the interwebs but they all use pressed in linear slides which I didn’t really like.   So I designed my own to use a pair of SC8UU slider blocks.


14 hours of printing!   And it didn’t miss a beat!   Masking tape and pritt stick ensured a slightly rough but well adhered first layer.

I did have some issues getting the first layer to extrude properly.   The extruder was having issues starting each line.

The next print revealed the issue… the hot end nozzle was getting blocked up.   Highly likely my fault as I did not keep the reel of filament away from all the dust and crap I was producing while drilling and hacking at the frame.

Unfortunately I discovered that the supplied hot end does not like coming apart!   I broke it!


Oops!   I broke the heat break!   It did NOT want to come out.   I tried the two nuts trick and promptly broke it.   The reason for this?   There is a little hole in the side of the heater block which was threaded but did not seem to have anything in it.


My guess is they used a punch down the hole to lock the nozzle and heat break into the heater block.   I ran a drill down it and the nozzle and heat break were suddenly only finger tight.   But the damage was done.   Off to ebay for a replacement.   You can get hot ends for a lot less but I need one ASAP and it looks quite good quality.

Status: Broken, awaiting parts…