LED colour temperatures

Why oh why can’t you get powerful LEDs in nice colour temperatures?

The favourites are 3000k, 6000k and 9000k.   3000k is too yellow for day to day use.   6000k gives me a headache and 9000k melts my eyeballs!

I’m working on a little project to convert some ancient disco lights from 150W discharge bulbs to LED.   They are very neatly designed but the packaging means the electronics is overheated by the bulb leading to a lot of failures.   But I can’t find a nice 50 or 100W LED that has a nice colour that will work well with the filters in the light fixture.   And they are not worth paying £50+ for a decent name brand LED. (OK, I’m too cheap to spend that sort of money)

I’d also love to replace the florescent tubes in my workshop with LEDs.   On cold days some of the tubes really don’t want to start.   At work they recently replaced the lighting in the workshop with 6000k LED panels.   It is nice and bright but I get a cracking headache if I spend too long there.