google please stop trying to rule the world

Seriously, please stop!

I just bought myself a nice shiny new Nexus 9 tablet to replace my ageing Moto Xoom.   The Xoom is very old in android tablet terms as it was the first true tablet to come to the market.   All previous tablets had basically been wifi only phones running the phone android.

The community support for the Xoom has been amazing.   Team EOS have kept the Xoom up to date as far as KitKat.   But even with overclocking to 1.5GHz it is not very fast and 2-3 crashes a week are annoying.

But this is less annoying that what Google have done to the nexus 9.

The nexus 9 now ignores DHCP and manually set DNS entries.   It uses the google and servers no matter what you tell it.   And this works for most users.   But I have web and mail servers local to my home network and thanks to this hard coding it can’t name resolve within my network.

OK, the easy fix is to put in IP addresses for everything but that is just a fudge to get around something very silly done by google.

EDIT: the shorewall rule does not survive turning the wifi off and on again.   So google wins this round.

And its a known bug!