Audiophiles… sheesh!

I’ll admit that Audiophiles do give me some entertainment.   But seriously how much time and money do these people have to burn?

Found a few very silly things while surfing so it was worthy of a post.

Do all NAS boxes sound the same?   Well it appears not!   So you’ve got a storage medium that can supply the data far faster than the DAC needs it and that data contains absolutely ZERO timing information (well apart from the header which tells the player what the bitrate and resolution are) but somehow it changes the sound…

Maybe he needed better ethernet cables.   £6000 will buy you the worlds best ethernet cable.   Its directional (who needs those ACKs anyway) and has a biased dielectric which somehow lasts 5 years from a coin cell.   I’m sure this will really help the timing of non-timing critical signals.

And for those with portable music players, you’re going to need the audiophile micro SDXC card from Sony.   I have to agree, WHY??   Sony has made such amazing kit over the years so why tarnish themselves with something this truly stupid?

Admittedly only recently found the EEVBlog.   Worth a read and some of the videos are very silly.