Sledgehammer to crack a nut

Finally had a chance to do something with the dev boards that turned up over Christmas.   Not sure it is of great benefit to mankind though.

In my garage I have a Matsui DA-1 DAB radio.   It works fairly well and picks up Planet Rock and Absolute 80’s just fine.   Certainly no audiophile gear here.   The amp I got free as it didn’t work and the speakers cost I think £10 from richer sounds.   Lashed together with random spare cables and covered in that evil black dust angle grinders make.

The gripe I have had with the DA-1 since day 1 is when you apply power, it briefly powers up then goes into standby.   I like to keep everything in the workshop powered off when I’m not there.   Mostly from a safety point of view and also the HiFi is tucked away in a corner that I can’t easily get to.

So every time I go to the workshop I have to find the remote, wait for the DA-1 to go into standby and then switch it back on.   Yeah, really hard work!

Well.. I have some dev boards, some 38kHz IR receivers I’d also bought and some IR LEDs from a project I did for someone in 2000.   Nothing vaguely useful gets thrown away!

Got out the Arduino Nano board (it fits nicely on breadboard), fired up the IR receive demo and off I went.   As with a lot of the arduino example code it is never quite finished.   The author had put in handlers for Samsung protocol but never included it in the example.   So a quick tweak turned ‘unknown code 11’ into ‘Samsung 0x4141807F’.   Wired up the IR LED to the fast PWM output and away it goes!

So time to move to the digispark board.   First hurdle, the stock IR libraries don’t support the ATTiny.   OK, found some that do.   Next hurdle, the author got the output pin settings wrong.   Easy fix.   Final hurdle, the digispark runs at 16.5MHz, every other ATTiny arduino runs at 8 so the timing was way off.   Easy change to a #define, all good!

So now now I have a dev board that cost about half as much as the DAB radio with almost as much computing power as the Apollo lunar lander to save me from having to turn on my radio.   I declare this particular nut well and truly smashed!

Hmm.. need some pictures…