Ah the joys of Christmas!

That time of year has finally been and gone.   Hellish shopping, working out why the tree lights worked fine before you put them on the tree but not after, cooking for huge numbers of people and vast amounts of washing up.

Yet again the silly fuse bulb had got a bit wobbly so fault finding the tree was relatively simple.   The tree lights date back to the 80’s.   I just prefer the look of the incandescent bulbs to LEDs.

Christmas also brings some good stuff, like some kickstarter goodies that I’d been waiting for!

First off my DigiSpark Pro kits finally turned up.   Only taken 6 months but better late than never.   I also got the wireless module with them.   I want to try changing some of the sensors around the house to wireless and also retro-fitting some current measuring sockets with boards I can program.

Not done anything with them yet.   A project for the new year.

Also got my heat pipe heated butter spreader.   Utterly silly and not entirely sure how it helps advance mankind but it is a pretty neat application of existing technology and makes a conversation piece for other gadget nuts.   And it was just £20!

I was also going to buy myself a Seek thermal camera, but didn’t get around to it in time.   DOH!   I think it would get less use than the butter spreader.